Immaculate Whore

Immaculate Whore

My new work, currently work in progress...

She giggled, girlishly, clambered on top of him, her hands pushing under his head, holding it tight and flicking his earlobes with her thumbs. Her long black hair tumbled forward covering his face, it smelled like fresh apples. She released his head and sat back as she sorted out her hair. He felt his cock stiffening as he watched. Her naked breasts were pulled taut as she struggled with raised arms to tie her hair back. Finally, satisfied, she leant forward and slipped her hands back around his head. Looking down on his rugged, weather beaten time marked, but roguishly handsome face, she continued where they had left off. “I’m a whore, but I’ll preach if that’s what you want,” she said, seriously, “I even have a nuns outfit.”

Coming soon!


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